Oriental RUG Cleaning Dallas

ORIENTAL RUG CLEANING by Behnam Rugs in Dallas

Posted on February 12, 2019; by Rassin R.

Oriental Rug Cleaning is a service by Behnam Rugs in Dallas. We specializes in oriental rug cleaning for all kind of handmade area rugs and Persian rugs. We handle each oriental rug with utmost care since 1978. We have specialize in techniques for oriental rug cleaning. We always advise use clean water and a damp cloth to clean your oriental rugs at home. However, we assess each silk rug cleaning on a one-on-one basis. We use the same hand-washing-techniques as were used and perfected in old Persia. However, we stay abreast with new organic shampoos. Our organic-hand-washing method of washing rugs comes from a special technique that has been documented in Persian history of rug making & rug washing, and is used today. For questions please call us at (972) 733-0400.


Once customers bring in their valuable oriental rugs for cleaning, we inspect them thoroughly. Each rug is unique. Every Oriental rug is made of a different fiber and the most common fibers are natural silk, wool, and cotton. Natural silk is made of the fine protein fibers made from a silkworm. However, today, many rug manufacturers use viscose-rayon-silk. Our experts at Behnam Rugs will explain the matter during the silk rug inspection process. If the rug has no damages, we schedule an organic hand wash or organic enzyme wash for pet odor removal for the rug. But, if the rug endured some wear and tear, and depending how the situation is, we might suggest first to repair the damaged area, then to conduct a silk rug cleaning or even silk rug washing.


Once the Oriental Rug was inspected and tagged, we schedule an organic-rug-hand-wash process. This means that we use ancient techniques with organic-shampoos to wash natural silk-fiber rugs. Behnam Rugs does not use harsh over the counter shampoos, rather we only use organic rug shampoo to prevent damage to natural dyes in wool, silk, and artificial silk for the washing of your heirloom rug. After the silk rug washing process, we use special techniques and methods for drying silk rugs to reach its best quality.

Behnam Rugs offers a 10-point oriental rug cleaning process, please click here: Behnam Rugs 10-Point Cleaning Process.