PET STAIN REMOVAL | Pet Oriental Rug Cleaning

Posted on February 15, 2019; by Rassin R.

Pet stain removal | Pet Oriental Rug Cleaning is a service provided by Behnam Rugs in Dallas, TX. Did your pet leave you a surprise? Accidents can happen. Behnam Rugs specializes in “Organic Live Pet Enzyme Rug Wash”.  Organic Rug Cleaning might not be enough for dog and cat accidents on your precious Persian and Oriental handmade rugs. Behnam Rugs has mastered the art of washing those resistant dog and cat odors with Organic Life Pet Enzyme Rug Wash. . We are the #1 Oriental Rug Cleaning Service in all Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. We are even known beyond the State of Texas. Behnam Rugs has taken great pride in the care of fine oriental rugs since 1978.

Sometimes pets have a bad day and they relieve their frustration on your precious Persian rug. You need a pet rug repair process. Depending on what the damage is, we will suggest solutions on how to rectify the damage. Once the rug has been inspected and ready to be washed we suggest provide suggestion to pet owners about the care of their rug.  Sometimes after a pet stain removal color run is visible. Call us today for your free consultation at (972) 733-0400.

Behnam Rugs provides expert oriental rug cleaning Dallas, rug care services-repair, pet stain removal Dallas, silk rug wash, and rug restoration services for your rugs. 

Our expertise and experience combined with the ORGANIC RUG CLEANING TECHNOLOGY means authenticity of rug cleaning in America and the preservation of hand washing of all variety of rugs may they be natural silk, wool, bamboo silk or viscose rayon silk!


Behnam Rugs uses organic shampoo and natural organic rinses.  We use legendary washing techniques for all special rugs. We use special hand labored brushes, organic shampoos, cold water, hot water rinses as needed, and special organic enzymes. Our organic enzymes were specifically created for us. We wash each side of the rug three (3) times and more.  We do not use any kind of machinery or harsh chemicals for our rug cleaning service.

Our crew at Behnam Rugs uses highly efficient methods to remove pet odor and pet stains. Our hand washing method of washing rugs comes from a special technique that has been documented in Persian history of rug making & rug washing, and is used today. We only use organic rug shampoo to prevent damage to natural dyes in wool, silk, and artificial silk. We use our special organic shampoo and different drying methods that all aid the rug to reach its best quality.


  1. Pre-Cleaning Inspection
  2. Unique Tagging
  3. Dry Soil Removal
  4. Color Fast Testing
  5. Pre-Conditioning
  6. Soak in Natural Enzymes
  7. Rinsing
  8. Post Wash, Quality Control, and Inspection
  9. Detailing and Grooming during and after drying process.
  10. We use non recycle City of Dallas water for all rug washing and rinsing

Behnam Rugs hand washes each rug in a submersion cleaning area that is specially designed for washing rugs the authentic way. However, certain type of rugs such as tufted and shaggy rug may require additional attention and time for drying.

We offer rug appraisals for fair market value and replacement value are also available on request.

Behnam Rugs also offers skilled rug repair by master weaver, which is done by hand for all types of rug repair. When choosing care for all your Persian antique rug cleaning and repair needs consider excellence you can depend on with Behnam Rugs of Dallas and over 40 years of excellence! Experience matters when it comes to handmade rugs.

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