Posted on February 21, 2019; by Rassin R.

Behnam Rugs of Dallas provides full RUG CARE in DALLAS. We offer monthly seminars on how to care for your special rug. Behnam Rugs announces these short seminars on WRR- 101.1 Radio station for all who enjoy to stay up-to-date with the newest improved techniques on how to provide better RUG CARE in Dallas, TX.

Behnam Rugs differentiates Rug Care with Rug Washing and Rug Cleaning. In order to understand the principle around it, please visit our upcoming seminars. If you are interested in any particular subject in regard to RUGS, give us a call at 972-733-0400 and we be delighted to cover those topics.   

Professional Rug Care

Behnam Rugs recommends every rug connoisseur to have their rugs professionally cleaned. After that, we suggest you to understand what all includes in Rug Care at home. You can stay abreast of all things important about your rugs.  These points come in handy especially when you are a pet owner. Accidents happen and sometimes you can provide “101 emergency RUG CARE”.

When it comes to rug cleaning services, reputation matters. Check us out on Yelp. we are reputable 360 degree and people love our services. You can also find us on BBB. We are in good standing with excellent record of satisfaction.

Behnam Rugs, a stable businesses that has been around for the past forty years. Our experts know how to clean all types of rugs, from machine made to handmade antiques, and have experience washing everything from pure cotton rugs, wool rugs, and silk rugs; as well as the combination of cotton-on-wool, wool-on-wool, and silk-on-silk rugs.

Although we only sell handmade rugs, we wash all sorts of rugs! With over three generations of experience, and forty years of experience. We know how to treat our customers and their rugs with respect. We choose to use the traditional Persian hand-washing method to clean rugs. This method takes longer, but your rug will last longer, too. Just as vacuuming harms your rug, machine washing can easily stress handmade Persian rugs, especially those made from natural fibers such as wool and silk.

Additional Services by Behnam Rugs

Behnam Rugs also does professional rug installation in Dallas. We are one of the fastest rug appraisal places in Dallas. As a specialty, we offer antique rug cleaning.  

Behnam Rugs offers an array of services all the way from Rug buying in Dallas, Rug washing in Dallas, Rug cleaning in Dallas, Rug restoration in Dallas, Rug repair in Dallas, Rug fringe installing Dallas, Rug stain removal in Dallas, Rug over casting in Dallas, Rug binding, and organic rug cleaning in Dallas. Behnam Rugs has many services in Dallas including rug delivery and rug pickup at no extra cost to you. Did we mention Oriental Rug Washing is also the number one service of all time.  

Rug Padding Dallas

Rug All rugs need a fitting padding to enhance the life of the rug. The less rugs touch floors, the less they wear off. Depending on what kind of rug you will be placing on what type of floor, you must choose the right rug padding to prevent slipping and movement. It is advised to use rug pads under all rugs. Safety should be your number one concern. At Behnam Rugs we explain the type of rug pads and suggest which will be best for your floor type. We also suggest you get your rug washed through organic rug cleaning, before using it at your home. Rugs are perfect for collecting dust and pollen. If your rug is placed at a high traffic area, you might want to get your rug washed sooner. We use traditional hand-washing methods on your fine oriental rugs and use organic shampoos and city water. We also use our special organic shampoos for animal soils and repair. Call us for your free rug pick-up and delivery within the DFW area! If you have other concerns, please click here. Call us at 972-733-0400 for a free, no-obligation quote. Or simply drop by our showroom at 18000 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252.