Rug Padding: Does My Rug Need It?

Rug on top of rug paddingWhat Type of Rug Padding Does My Rug Need?

Rug padding is essential to the health and longevity of your fine handmade rug. Time and again, customers bring in older or antique rugs that are no longer perfectly rectangular and have lost their symmetrical shape. The culprit? Not using padding underneath the rug.

So, why are rug pads so important?

It’s not just about comfort. Yes, using a pad under your rug will make it feel more plush under foot, but it’s really about extending the health of your rug for years to come. A good rug pad absorbs most of the impact from foot traffic as well as the sound.

Rugs have to endure a lot of foot traffic, and that traffic will eventually wear out sections of your rug without a pad. This always happens unevenly, so that certain areas are stretched out while others are not.

The result? A wavy foundation that no longer looks symmetrical. This can affect the value of your rug as well, especially if you are considering selling it. A rug that has been placed over a pad will sell for more than the same rug that has been walked on for years without a pad. This is because the pad helps the rug maintain its shape. A rug that has been used for years without a pad is more likely to require repairs.

In addition, there are many other reasons to use a rug pad. For one, rug pads prevent slips and falls. A rug without a pad presents a safety risk to you and anyone who walks on the rug in your home. Second, the pad protects the rug from dirt and debris trapped between the rug and the floor from damaging the foundation of your rug. This dirt can tear into your rug when under pressure from footsteps.

Thirdly, rugs are easier to vacuum when a pad provides space for air to flow and minimizes friction. This air flow also prevents bacteria and mold from breeding under your rug. And lastly, pads act as a barrier between the rug and your hardwood floors, which can absorb the tints and dyes from the rug over time as well as become scratched from certain rough backings.

If you have a new rug or a rug that you have been using without padding, call Behnam Rugs today about cutting custom padding to fit your rug at 972-733-0400. Make sure you know the exact measurements of your rug, or bring it in to ensure a perfect fit. All pads must be custom cut for your rug. The shape and size of the pad must cover all the surface of the rug that touches the floor.

Never use an old pad for a different rug if the rugs are not the same exact size. Rug pads are made out of felt, rubber, or vinyl. The question of what kind of pad you should use is determined by the type of floor you will place it on. Wood, tile, stone, carpet, or engineered wood all require a certain padding type.

Consult with us to choose the right material. We carry many styles of rug pads so you’re sure to find something you like at a price that you’ll love. Call 972-733-0400.