5 Things you can do with an Unwanted Rug

Rug made into a pillow5 Things you can do with an Unwanted Rug

Over time, you may fall out of love with your rug or decide to redecorate your home and the rug doesn’t match the new aesthetic. You may move and your rug doesn’t fit in your new home. There are a few options if you want to get rid of an old rug. Don’t just throw it away!

  1. If you’re selling your home, you can always include the rug with the sale of the house. This adds value and the new homeowners may love the rug. Oversized rugs add a lot to the room and can be a pain to move.
  2. Consider giving the rug to a family member, especially if the rug is valuable. This is often the case with authentic Persian rugs and antique rugs. Keeping it in the family will give your family member the opportunity to own a rug that appreciates in value and you don’t truly lose the heirloom or the memories.
  3. Donation is a charitable option for those looking to get rid of a rug. Every year, Behnam Rugs helps clients donate rugs to churches, schools, nonprofits, and other organizations. Consult with us and a financial advisor to be sure you go through the correct channels. Proper documentation is necessary for a tax write off. Stop by Behnam Rugs to get the papers for official donation documents.
  4. You may try to sell your rug. This is not easy and depends on the quality, age, and type of rug you wish to sell. A unique, authentic, older Persian rug is much easier to sell than a machine made rug or even some handmade rugs. If your rug is made in a color or style that is no longer popular you may have trouble selling it. Refer with Behnam Rugs to make sure you are selling your rug for the right price. We give free verbal appraisals on Saturdays. If you are using eBay or Craigslist it may take a long time to sell your rug unless it is rare. This can be discouraging. Another way to sell your rug is by taking it to a rug store and seeing if they are interested.
  5. Repurposing or altering- Maybe you still like the design of your rug but no longer have room for it or wish to redecorate the space the rug used to be in. Repurposing may be right for you. Depending on the quality and design, the rug may be used to make pillows, furniture covers, a wall hanging, or decorative items like a mirror border or headboard. Another option is altering. You can bring your rug to a retailer like Behnam Rugs and get your rug resized or cut into a new shape. This will allow you to use the rug in a different space. For more information, please confer with with us before you make a final decision.