Rug Stains: How to Remove Holiday Wine Spills

Wine spilled on rugRug Stains: How to Remove Holiday Wine Spills

For many, the holiday season is a time to share their home with family and other beloved guests. Friends gather round to share stories and make new memories. This is also the time of year your rugs are more at risk for spills and stains. Everyone loves delicious food and wine, but no so much when it spills on their fine handmade rug.

Luckily, the experts at Behnam Rugs have some tips when it comes to removing wine stains. Read this blog to learn how to clean up spills without damaging your rug, and if all else fails, bring it to us for a gentle hand washing, it’s probably overdue!

First of all, never use carpet cleaners, over the counter spot removers, or detergents on a fine rug- they can damage the rug beyond repair! Use natural remedies you can find in your home. If you spill red wine, try to absorb as much of the spot as you can with paper towels as soon as possible.

Open your fridge and see if you have any plain yogurt. Make sure it’s unflavored. Take a spoonful and rub in on the stain gently. Use the spoon to rub it in and spread it over the whole stain area. Remove any excess. Repeat the process adding additional yogurt. Agitate it from different angles using the edges of the spoon. Dilute the yogurt and remove it with a cloth. Do this by spraying the stain with water and removing with a dry cloth or paper towel. Repeat until all the yogurt is gone. Your rug should now be ready to entertain guests again.

Sometimes, it’s simply not realistic to remove a stain yourself- maybe you left the stain for too long, it’s quite large, or the methods above aren’t working.

Don’t despair! Your rug can be restored. Just take it in for a professional cleaning at Behnam Rugs. We’ll return it to you completely stain free, with all odors removed.