Oriental Rug Stain Removal

A specialist on site will look over your rug and write up a pre-inspection work order. If we find that your rug needs more work than just a wash, we will call and recommend the service needed, and also give you a quote. Then we will let you decide if you want the extra steps taken or not.

Our special blend of organic shampoo agents will be used to wash your rugs according to its type, age, thickness, country of origin, fiber count and cause of stain. Our technicians take special care of your rugs and will identify what stains are present before we gently wash these away with our natural cleansers. We use natural products to stabilize the PH of the different fibers and colors to restore your rugs.

Wool, handmade, and silk rugs are a good investment because they are naturally made well. Wool and silk rugs are durable and the natural oils keep them from looking dull. This is why we only use natural cleansers in our wash.

Our Persian Maintenance Wash is highly effective in restoring and preserving your special rugs for future enjoyment. We also have our Deep Enzyme Wash that removes pet odor, pet stains, smoke damage, water damage, and more. We wash rugs one by one on a clean flat surface by hand and wash each rug multiple times until the water runs clean out of the rug.

After your rug is washed and inspected again, it is allowed to dry in the open air under the sun. If sun drying is not feasible, we will dry your rug with fans around your rug. We will never use machines on your rug!

Behnam Rugs has been removing stains for three generations, let us restore your rug and preserve your valuable piece.