Rug Odor Removal

Dog on Persian Rug

Rug Odors
Due to their naturally absorbent nature, the fibers in your Persian or Oriental rugs may pick up a variety of odors over time.

Pet Odors
The most common type of odor is pet odor. This type of odor does not only refer to the smells left behind after an accident on your rug. Pet fur leaves its own distinct odor on rugs, too.

Simply removing animal fur is not enough to remove the odor that pet dander leaves on your rugs. Over time, the build-up of this type of odor can only be removed with an enzyme-based wash.

An enzyme-based wash can remove all types of pet odors, including but not limited to pet fluid odors (urine, vomit, etc.), natural pet odors, musty odors (a wet dog rolling across your rug can leave this type of odor behind), and more.

Behnam Rugs uses a live light bacteria enzyme solution treatment along with other organic cleansers to remove odors and restore your rugs from deep in the rug foundation and up. Behnam Persian Rug Cleaning washes your rug according to its age, type, thickness, country of origin, fiber count, and cause(s) of odor.

Why Does My Pet Keep Marking My Rug Anyway?
Remember to take action immediately after your pet marks your rug, otherwise, your pet may believe that it has permission to continue marking your rug. Your pet may simply not realize that its behavior is unsuitable.

Tufted rugs are the most common victims of pet marking. Tufted rugs have a backing attached to the underside of the rug. This backing is attached using any number of glues- chemical, natural latex, organic, and more. Dogs are especially sensitive to these glues, and the scents may cause them to become confused and mark the rugs with urine.

Behnam Rugs advises customers with pets, especially those with younger pets, to steer clear of tufted rugs. Although they may seem like an inexpensive option when you purchase them, the amount of cleaning you will end up needing is simply not worth it in the end.

Other Odors
Although you may not have any pets at home, your rug may still have a peculiar odor about it. This is completely normal. Rugs are made of natural fibers, and these natural fibers are very absorbent. Years of dust, dander, dirt, sand, and more will be absorbed by fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk, contributing to that “old” rug smell.

By regularly keeping your rug cleaned, you can prevent these types of odors. Behnam Rugs recommends having your rug washed every three to five years. If your rug is an area of high traffic, you may consider having it washed more often than that.

For more information on odor removal, please take a look at our cleaning services.

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