Hand Washing Area Rugs

Behnam Rugs has been all about servicing the finest handmade rugs from all over the world, since 1978.  Our goal is to safely and gently hand wash your rugs in order for them to maintain the style, beauty and luster.  Our experts take such care to insure that the rugs we return to our clients are not only clean and sanitary, but also properly maintained to increased the lifespan of all your fine rugs.

Our special blend of organic shampoo agent will be used to clean your rugs according to its type, age, thickness, country of origin, and fiber count.

We take special care with your rugs and always pre-treating stains before we gently wash with our natural cleansers.

We use organic shampoo and products to stabilize the pH of the different fibers and colors to restore your rugs.

Handmade wool and silk rugs are a good investment because the natural oils keep your rug from looking dull. This is why we only use natural cleaners in our washing process. These cleaners also neutralize other harsh cleaners that may have been present when we received your rug.

Our special enzyme wash is perfect for pet urine and other accidents. In other words we clean Pet Stains.  Urine can cause severe color run and hardening to the foundation of the rug and pile.Rug Cleaning an area rug