Persian Rug Stain Removal

Dog on Persian Rug

Persian Rug Stain Removal

When your Persian rug has obvious stains, bring it to Behnam Rugs, our on-site specialist will inspect it and bring up any potential issues with you. One of these issues is pre-existing stains, which can be quite common if you have pets. If we find that your rug needs more work than just a wash, we will let you know, offer our recommendation and a quote, and let you decide whether or not you want to take any extra steps. You will never be obligated to purchase any extra services you are not interested in. If you only want a wash, then you only want a wash!

Our cleaning experts will do a “Persian rug stain removal” that is quite educational. We offer an array of rug-care/hand-washing rug services. We will identify any stains on your rug and determine the cause and what steps should be taken to remove the stain. For example, a pet stain would be approached differently than a wine stain. A special blend of organic shampooing agents will be used to wash your rug according to its fiber type, age, thickness, country of origin, fiber count, and of course, the cause of the stain. This shampooing agent removes stains while being gentle on your treasured rug. We offer the special care needed to stabilize the pH of your rug, remove any odors, and restore your rug to its original, pristine condition- lengthening the life of your rug and retaining its value, too!

We will do our best to remove any stains on your rug- whether it’s a wine stain, a pet stain, or something else entirely. If you’re too busy to bring your rug in, give us a call at 972-733-0400! We offer free pick-up and delivery within 30 miles of our showroom.

Have pets at home but don’t need pet stain removal? You might be interested in our odor removal service or our maintenance wash service instead.