• Ben Tavakolian

    Owner Behnam Rug
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    We hand wash and repair many types of rugs from hand-made wool, wool and silk, to machine-made rugs. We also sell rugs from around the world. If your rug requires more care, our master weavers are on staff to perform the extra care needed, in house.  No job is too small or great for our weavers. With over three generations of experience, we offer options starting with our traditional Persian hand washing process with organic shampoos and conditioners made special to maintain the life of your rugs. Every rug receives our traditional Persian style wash you can also request our special Enzyme wash to remove any extra odors and stains that happen over the years. We specialize in pet accident removal.  We recommend that owners of antique rugs use our special services to retain the value in their investment and restore their rugs to pristine condition for years to come.

    Rug Repairman

    Professional Persian Rug Cleaners of Dallas and North Texas

    Since 1978, Behnam Rugs has been cleaning and restoring the finest handmade rugs from all over the world.  Our goal is to safely and gently hand-wash your rugs in order for them to maintain the style, beauty and luster.  Our experts take such care to insure that the rugs we return to our clients are not only clean and sanitary, but also properly maintained to increased the lifespan of all your fine rugs.

    Organic Rug Cleaning