What kind of damage can mold do to your rugs?

How can mold get to your rugs?  What is the best way to restore rugs after mold damage?

 If you want to have your damaged rugs restored and also retain their value
Behnam Rugs Persian Rug Cleaner is your professional to call.

Mold on Rug, Wall and Fruit


 You may think mold will never happen to your rug but it could be growing right now, please check your rugs!

There are numerous ways that your Persian rug can become a host to a variety of fungi, bacteria, mycobacteria and actinomycetes molds if not monitored.

Due to absorbency of water and moisture in wool rugs over time if there is a small and slow water leak from plumbing,  air conditioning,  dripping sprinkler system  or  potted plant’s sitting near or on the rug that has been over watered all of these will create an environment for mold. As mold grows it becomes destructive and creates rotting on the foundation of your rug and surrounding areas such as flooring, walls and furniture.

Mold can cause illness due to water damage for more information:

Click: Mold Illness- What It Is And 17 Signs You Have It.  

When you have your rug professionally washed and cleaned at Behnam Rugs Persian Rug Cleaner for mold issues we will wash it with our special live bacteria enzyme plus wash with light acidic vinegar  to eliminate the mold and contaminants. We will also treat it to natural direct ultraviolet sunshine to kill anything left and remove any smells your rugs may have.

 You may think mold will never happen to your rug but it could be growing right now, make sure you check on your rugs you are using and the ones in storage.

Behnam Rugs Persian Rug Cleaner will uninstall your rug carefully to make sure it stays intact, evaluate it and report to you what special wash it needs. If water damage is discovered in the early stages many rugs only need a proper wash and dry out in the ultraviolet sunshine to be restored this is not carpet cleaning. In other cases the damaged area will need to be removed and patched with another rug or rewoven by our experts.

If you want to restore and retain the value of your damaged rugs Behnam Rugs Persian Rug Cleaner is your professional to call.

The beauty of fine rugs is they can be restored, refreshed and repaired. With the attention of our master weavers your rugs have the best chance of lasting generations and having their appraisal value restored.

We also offer before and after damage appraisals for insurance purposes. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of replacement and or repair for mold damaged rugs

If it has been over 4 years since your rugs have been washed request your rug appraisal and call us for a free rug washing quote over the phone, bring them in or reserve your rug pick up appointment today.