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Do you know the origin of most fine rugs?

  • Origin of Persian Tribal Rugs:¬†Bakhtiari, Bakhshaish, Borchelu, Gabbeh Hamadan, Heriz, Hussainabad, Koliai, Kurd, Luri,Mahal, Malayer, Nahavand, Qashqai, Senneh, Shiraz, Sirjan, Tarom, Wiss, Zanjan.
  • Origin of Persian City Rugs:¬†Afshar, Ardabil, Baluch, Bidjar, Esfahan, Farahan, Joshaghan, Kashan, Kerman, Kashmar, Klardasht, Lavar, Mashad, Nain, Qum, Sarab, Saruk/ Sarough, Tabriz, Varamin. These are both ancient and modern day cities.

Many fine rugs come from Persia and can also be called Iranian carpets. Outside of Persia you will find fine rugs in: China, Afghanistan, Morocco, Nepal, Tibet, Russia, India, Pakistan, and Turkey. Depending on what part of Iran the rug was woven, they are given sub names like: Isfahan, Nain, Qum, Tabriz and Mashad to list a few. The design of the rugs reflects the providence where it is handmade. There are many different patterns and designs that have subdivisions of origins like the famous rug from the Iranian city of Isfahan: Tree of Life.